Universe Docs

First i felt there are lots of problems in document creation and application development, that require high priority!

I had several questions as follows: Can I make this platform independent? Can we avoid duplicates? Can we reuse things? Can we use WYSIWYG editor? Can it avoid technical things and use more human friendly things? Can it accommodate all document types? Can it be remotely manageable from any device? Can my application be fast? Do i need to use latest technology instead of primitive ones to get better design? Can I make it open source, but still can earn money from it?

Can I do things like in StartTrek where they just do it everything visually instead of manually coding with programming languages? Can I use the Human Brain concept to solve this software problem?

This all questions and more answer is “Universe Docs” software. It is a WYSIWYG document editor, no code software, application store, document as a service, data repository, training tool, book library!


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