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Create and use interactive documents similar to how human create and use information through brain. Set of documents is an application with no code features. Document, document items and application items are reusable and no duplicates! Document is presentable in any format the user desires and acts as a class room board! Allows documents and applications to be remotely managed by other applications and devices (IoT, Robots, etc.,).

Started on

  • October 2018


  • Volunteer and with enough experience in the required skills

targetted users

  • Software professionals
  • Home makers
  • School / College students
  • Individuals
  • Companies


Actual Application is Paused, since current system of world is not ready with www.paradism.org . Currently using WordPress technology to implement the application.


MIT License

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  • Swift (programing language). Swift is later coming with full support to Windows 10, Amazon Linux, CentOS, etc.,
  • Mongo DB (Server database for online functionality)
  • Kitura (REST Web Service)
  • Realm DB (Client database for offline functionality)
  • UI development: Swift storyboard, Swift UI, UWP CRT C++ (Windows), Kotlin (Stock Android and Base language), OneUI (Samsung), MIUI (Xiaomi), ColorOS (Oppo), EMUI (Huawei), Python using Qt and GTK UI (Linux)


  • Functionality development: Mac/Ubuntu (linux) with 8GB RAM and enough SSD storage space. Linux doesn’t have all the features!
  • UI Development: Mac/Windows/Linux
  • Internet connection fast enough to download. Upload at least 3mbps
  • Deployment Server: Mac/Ubuntu (Linux). Linux support need to be done!

Current Application

Actuall Application


  1. Is a What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) document editor
  2. Document data model is in structured format (graph model) for easier searching/parsing/validating by this software and other documents/applications/devices. For example the resume of a software developer is in structure format, but can be presented in any format the user desires.
  3. Document is created, like humans create information in brain. Document items (text, photo, video, animation, button, link, upload, download, quote, paragraph, document, etc.,) are categorised before using it. Does not need Natural Language Processor (NLP) to parse document before using AI, since human confirms each document item in document while creating itself.
  4. Document items are reusable and no duplicates.
  5. Document can be edited offline / online. For each entry it is saved.
  6. Can create documents in multiple text languages
  7. Allows to access the details of a document item (meaning, more details, translation, etc.,) from the document itself
  8. Allows to present the document in presentation mode without the need for a duplicate presentation document. The presentation can be converted to a video.
  9. Document can be used as a board to teach things
  10. Document can be used as an interactive/graphical item in school books, flyer, banner, greeting card, visiting card, etc.,
  11. Document can be created/viewed/edited/deleted from remote applications/devices
  12. Can be used to store data (data repository) that other applications/devices can access
  13. Combines native and web applications into one
  14. Collection of documents can be used to create an application without any coding (no code software)
  15. It is a library for applications, documents, books, etc.,
  16. All items (documents, options, document items) are searchable using text


  • Paradism: No work, No money, No Government, No Slavery, No Poverty. Final objective, but for now need money, work and government. But no need slavery and poverty! 
  • Humans are not machines and have feelings. Those machine doable tasks are transferred to Robots. Human just do what they like (art, sex, etc.,). If want can work.
  • Achieve it step by step
  • One or more documents contain the complex data in structured format
  • One or more document items contain the data respository that is reusable and no duplicates
  • One or more applicaions uses documents and logic without UI to handle things
  • Let the Robot do machine tasks. Humans just do what they like (art, sex, etc.,), enjoy and relax. If want can work.


  • Simulates human brain to handle things
  • One or more devices containing “Universe Docs” (Client) sends or receives information from “Universe Docs Brain” (applicaion server) through a SSL secure connection. Since each neurons accept only single input the inputs are validated before processing.
  • “Universe Docs Brain” can be Mac or Linux and contains functionality of “Universe Docs” application. Written in Swift programming language.
  • “Universe Docs” client application can contain some neurons and “Universer Docs Brain” will contain all neurons. Based on clients portable needs can copy some neurons from “Universe Docs Brain”. For that requires privacy the neurons can be in client.
  • Clients Offline functionality for only Swift programmed devices. Others Online. Software developers no need to learn lots of things!
  • “Universe Docs” can control Robots directly and through server. For example: Robot navigation and Food making robot respectively.

Universe Docs

Screen Shots


1. Document Editor

A graph model based WYSIWYG document editor. Below the food recipe document is shown in editing mode. There can be other models like canvas model for vector drawings. It is recomended the document is in structured format so that other applications and devices can parse it.

2. Document Item Document

Contains document items (list of texts and its associated photo) that are needed to create a document of particular document type (food recipe, contacts, calendar, etc). Check “Document Item Documents” section for example Document Item Documents. These items are pre/dynamically categorised in natural order before using it. For example: the food recipe document requires to mention the country flag of the author. The document item document below contains all the country name texts and its associate flag under each continent.

3. Document Item Search

Each document of particular document type is associated with set of document item documents. For example: solar system shown above is one document item document associated with below food recipe document type. To add the country flag of “India” the user searches by typing “இந்தியா” (India) in Tamil. It shows list of document items that matches the search text. The user can select the photo version of “India” and add it. 

4. Document Item Change

Want to change the document item to some other of the same category? Can do it by taping a document item (text or photo or video or etc.,) and selecting the other one of the same category. For example: Below the user chooses a different cuisine.

5. Document Map Search

Want to open/edit/remove a document? Just search it in “Document Map”. It displays all the matched items with category information for you to identify easily. After that for a particular item choose the menu option view/edit/remove.

Universe Docs

Document Item Documents 

1. Food Recipe

Food recipe document type needs the document item documents as shown in the diagram. Without which we cannot create a food recipe! “Sambar” and “Rice” are food recipe documents that in turn have its own document item documents. “Food Recipe Details” contains the form fields of the “Food Recipe” document.

2. Calendar

Calendar document type needs the document item documents as shown in the diagram. Without some we cannot create a Calendar! Some items in black and blue are added later to be part of Calendar.

3. Swift Programming Language

Swift Programming Language document type needs the document item documents as shown in the diagram. Without them we cannot create a Swift Programming Language Training! “Xcode IDE UI” can contain the menus, toolbars, options, screen shots, etc., of “Xcode IDE” software. “Xcode Versions” can contain the software versions of “Xcode”. “….Frameworks” can contain the class names of each frameworks.

4. Cuisine

Cuisine document type needs the document item documents as shown in the diagram. Without some we cannot create a Cuisine. “Cuisine Details” contains the form fields of “Cusine” document.

5. Resume

Resume document type needs the document item documents as shown in the diagram. Without some we cannot create a Calendar! Some items in black and blue are added later to be part of Resume. The “Kumar Muthaiah Resume” has its own document item documents. “Resume Details” contains the form fields of “Resume” document.

Universe Docs

Planed Features


1. Digital Board (Vector document)

To teach things teacher can search and add any of the document items (text, photo, video, animation, button, document, etc.,) based on the topic that is been taught. Can use the board to draw anything with digital pen. Can also provide browsable and categorised document items if the user needs to select manually. For example below the user want to add “macOS” operating system, so searches in the search bar to add it.

2. Document As A Service (DAAS)

All the documents of the software is accessible by IoT devices, Robots, appplicaions, etc.,  For example a robot is learning a recipe and want to create/update it remotely. Next example a plant device captures moisture and sunlight information from plant and updates the plant data document remotely. Next example a news app. need to display marketing information of a shop by displaying its statistics, so it gets data from its document.

4. Documents manageble / usable by Robots and IoT

Documents and applicaions should be manageble/usable remotely by Robots, IoT and other devices. See below diagram. Robots can use Linux (Ubuntu) OS or modified version of Apple Inc.’s OS instead of ROS (Realtime OS) and “Universe Docs Brain” can run in it developed using Swift Programming Language. For example Apple watch using modified version of iOS. IoT is a small device and it needs ROS, but who knows what happens in future? One programming language is better, but OS can be different!


3. Data Repositary

It contains lots of data that can be used by other applications. For example a government software or Universe Docs can put country, city, state and district information. Other applications like shop app. and contact app. can use that data. Documents like food recipe and profile in Universe Docs can use that data.

5. Interactive Book

Can create interactive books for school students, software developers, etc., to teach things. The interactive content can be provided by the vector document as in picture below. Can also add buttons and when clicked can change the interactive content. The text, photo, etc., are taken from reusable document items. 

4. Intelligece based on information in documents

On the left the existing editor need NLP to use AI, where as the right Universe Docs editor doesn’t need NLP to use AI. With “Universe Docs” the user confirms the each data while entering in document, where as the existing system the NLP guesses human data from the document. Even though the “Universe Docs” document editing process is slow, but data is accurate! Based on the document items the “Universe Docs” can provide intelligence using AI.

Project Info


  1. Education
  2. Food
  3. Software Development
  4. Retail
  5. Robotics
  6. Smart things (using IoT)
  7. Other industries (form filling, etc.,)
  8. Data analytics

More can be there….


  1. Mobile
  2. Native to operating system
  3. Web Service
  4. Web Page
  5. Artificial intelligence (AI)
  6. ML (Machine Learning)
  7. Robotics (regular, micro, nano)
  8. Augment Reality (AR) / Virtual Reality (VR)
  9. IoT

More can be there….

Document Types

  1. Training
  2. Food Recipe
  3. Shopping list
  4. Shoping item detail
  5. Checkout and payment gateway
  6. Web document or web page
  7. Source code document
  8. Calendar document
  9. Requirements document
  10. Design document
  11. Issue document
  12. Alogrithm document
  13. Task
  14. Ingredient
  15. Vector Drawing
  16. Application form (telephone, internet, income tax, etc.,)

 More can be there…



  1. To create a platform independent document that is exportable to any format the user feels.
  2. To make the document items reusable
  3. To edit the document in WYSIWYG format
  4. Document saving should not be an issue if internet is gone
  5. To handle database without working in database directly
  6. To add/change/remove components of the software dynamically
  7. To parse and validate document
  8. To find documents that have one or more document items? For example to find food recipes that have tomato ingredient.
  9. Searching each document items and creating the document is slow
  10. Have to create documents some times very fast
  11. Need to reused one document in other document
  12. Renaming a document item need to change in affected documents
  13. Need a way to search the documents and user interface options
  14. Need to update user interface dynamically from any device
  15. Need to have no code features
  16. Need to represent complex document models like vector diagrams, 3D diagrams, etc.,?
  17. Need to represent the interactive elements of a document. For example in school subject training
  18. Need to be secure
  19. Need to handle enough number of users without affecting performance
  20. Need a way so that Robot can manage the software and its documents. For example to add/change/remove things. Can also be used by IoT devices and applications.
  21. Use AI to provide intelligence
  22. Ability to move the user interface from 2D to 3D for AR / VR
  23. To work in offline and/or online
  24. The document can be used to do presentation without duplicating the content in another presentation document. It can be converted to video.
  25. Can i represent a document or book or application library? So that can represent entire world knowledge!


  1. Put the document view in a data model (JSON) and convert into platform specific document view. The view can be used to export into other document formats.
  2. Put the document items (text, photo, video, etc.,) in a document item document and allow it be accessible in the document. Not only words, we can reuse for example quotes, paragraphs, lines, words, documents, groups of paragraphs or photos, etc.,
  3. The document is following graph model and each nodes are represented as lines and each items in the nodes are represented as document items
  4. On each edit the document is saved no worries of saving!
  5. Manage data as document item and documents. Document is following a data model and can have complex data!
  6. Human brain is a great example that adds and removes things dynamically. So designed a software brain to handle it. 
  7. Categorise each document item so that can identify it
  8. Categorise each document item so that can identify it while searching
  9. Document items are sorted as per a searching algorithm or stored in search engine database. When searching will be faster! Auto complete in iOS while typing works fastly and hence this also can be made fast! 
  10. Disable the search and create document faster. Later parse the document and replace text with categorised document items! Until we use AI, prased document items needs confirmation from user! Auto complete in iOS while typing works fastly and hence this also can be made fast! 
  11. Just refer one or more documents in other documents. If source changes target also changes! Not only words, we can reuse for example quotes, paragraphs, lines, words, documents, groups of paragraphs or photos, etc.,
  12. A logic will automatically do this since there is a document reference put in each document item. 
  13. All document names and option names are stored as document item document so easy to search
  14. All the user interface elements are represented as document item documents. You update in any device since document view is platform independent! 
  15. All user interface elements are represented as documents and each functions of the software are accessible through REST web service. Can easily do no code features! 
  16. Currently document uses graph model to represent simple document. Later can use any model to implement whatever the user desires! 
  17. Since a vector document can be embedded in a document, we can put any complex interactive elements! 
  18. Web service is secured using SSL. Each input parameters are validated and frequeny attacks are blocked! 
  19. Since the server software represents a software brain, we can have as many of them to handle traffic! Each brain can handle only specific numbers of requests at a time! 
  20. Since the software is accessible through REST web service and all of them are represented as documents using document items it is easily manageable by Robots on the fly! 
  21. Since all the document items in the document are categorised it is easy to process it and provide intelligence! 
  22. Each user interface item are created taking into 3D in consideration
  23. Since the brain is available in both client and server. So when internet is not available can work in offline and make it online later on! Note: client cannot hold all the neurons of a brain! 
  24. Since document is following a model we can do presentation without duplicates! Text to speech can be used to generate audio and document can generate images! Since text to speech is used the trainings can be done in any language the user desires, but exisitng video recording doesn’t provide that benefit since once recorded difficult to modify for other languages. Just need images and audios to create a video.
  25. The document map is organised using Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) used in libraries and has the 10 main classes for the entire world knowledge! Each main class is further structured into ten hierarchical divisions, each having ten sections of increasing specificity. Put all application and documents in the library! Can be easily searched and located! 

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